2 06 2011


17 year old Rohan returns to his hometown,Jamshedpur after 8 long years as he was kicked out of his boarding school for unruly behavior.His return was not really welcoming as his uncaring and tyrant father was not really happy with the fact that Rohan’s engineering career will be in ruins since he wont be admitted to a good college.To make the matters worse,Rohan discovers that he has a half brother.Rohan aspires to be a writer but his authoritarian father has other plans for him.He makes Rohan to work in his factory and study engineering.The whole story of this movie revolves around the troublesome relationship of father and the son.

The movie was at first marketed as a coming of age film.Even though the” coming of age” part remains to be a major act  throughout the film what makes the screenplay involving, is the relationship between family members involved in the film.The script remains the huge plus point which is laden with characters etched from real life.
Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap has woven the screenplay in such a way that it hits the viewer hard emotionally.And that plays a huge part in the success of the film.The story is very relatable and heartrending that we feel connected with the characters throughout the film.The only downside of the movie i can mention of about this movie is the the second part which is a bit lagging.Motwane could have cut short his movie by atleast 10-15 minutes.

Motwane’s casting made it sure that well woven characters in his screenplay was well enacted on the screen.  Ronit Roy’s portrayal of Bhairav Singh was the best among the spectacular cast. His portrayal of the impassioned and brutal father was really affecting. Rajat Bermecha’s depiction of Rohan Singh requires special mention as he skilfully manages the two important shades of his character,Rebellious yet anguished. Aayan Boradiaa who plays Rohan’s  half brother Arjun  is really a revelation as he easily provides the necessary mildness in the screen to counteract his father’s mercilessness.

I really had a difficult time writing about this movie as it is really difficult to write about a story that is heavily laden with emotions. Udaan’s scenes will lingers in audience’s mind due to the perfomance driven screenplay which is beautifully crafted by the debutant director, Vikramaditya Motwane. The movie will definitely be remembered for its scene finale which really makes the viewer understand the meaning of the movie’s title. Flight,which symbolizes freedom.

Rating-     [/5]



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