2 06 2011


17 year old Rohan returns to his hometown,Jamshedpur after 8 long years as he was kicked out of his boarding school for unruly behavior.His return was not really welcoming as his uncaring and tyrant father was not really happy with the fact that Rohan’s engineering career will be in ruins since he wont be admitted to a good college.To make the matters worse,Rohan discovers that he has a half brother.Rohan aspires to be a writer but his authoritarian father has other plans for him.He makes Rohan to work in his factory and study engineering.The whole story of this movie revolves around the troublesome relationship of father and the son.

The movie was at first marketed as a coming of age film.Even though the” coming of age” part remains to be a major act  throughout the film what makes the screenplay involving, is the relationship between family members involved in the film.The script remains the huge plus point which is laden with characters etched from real life.
Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap has woven the screenplay in such a way that it hits the viewer hard emotionally.And that plays a huge part in the success of the film.The story is very relatable and heartrending that we feel connected with the characters throughout the film.The only downside of the movie i can mention of about this movie is the the second part which is a bit lagging.Motwane could have cut short his movie by atleast 10-15 minutes.

Motwane’s casting made it sure that well woven characters in his screenplay was well enacted on the screen.  Ronit Roy’s portrayal of Bhairav Singh was the best among the spectacular cast. His portrayal of the impassioned and brutal father was really affecting. Rajat Bermecha’s depiction of Rohan Singh requires special mention as he skilfully manages the two important shades of his character,Rebellious yet anguished. Aayan Boradiaa who plays Rohan’s  half brother Arjun  is really a revelation as he easily provides the necessary mildness in the screen to counteract his father’s mercilessness.

I really had a difficult time writing about this movie as it is really difficult to write about a story that is heavily laden with emotions. Udaan’s scenes will lingers in audience’s mind due to the perfomance driven screenplay which is beautifully crafted by the debutant director, Vikramaditya Motwane. The movie will definitely be remembered for its scene finale which really makes the viewer understand the meaning of the movie’s title. Flight,which symbolizes freedom.

Rating-     [/5]


Apoorva Raagam/Body Guard/Pokkiri Raja

5 12 2010

Apoorva Raagam

Apoorvaragam is the story of three youngsters Roopesh (Nishan), Nancy (Nithya) and Tommy (Asif Ali). Roopesh has always been in love with Nancy, but has never had the nerve to express it. For Nancy, love is something that is beyond words. Tommy is the perfect Cupid, who would make things happen for these two. Slowly Roopesh and Nancy falls in love.

Apoorva Raagam is a movie so heavily laden with twists and turns that it looks all artificial.The problem lies with the screenplay which is structured in such a way that it is reminiscent of the B grade horror movies churned out from hollywood beacuse of its ill fitting twists which are designed to provide shock value.And that brought the movie down.The only good thing about the movie is Nithya Menon who essayed her role quite convincingly.

Rating- [/5]

Body Guard

Bodyguard revolves around young Jayakrishnan (Dileep), who has a very strange habit; he adulates anyone with a trace of heroism. Whenever he develops an admiration towards a person, he prefers to move with that person as a sort of bodyguard. He starts admiring Ashokan (Thiagarajan), a former liquor tycoon and leading businessman. Jayakrishnan wants to be Ashokan’s bodyguard, but Ashokan does not need a bodyguard. later, Jayakrishnan approaches Ashokan with a recommendation from someone he cannot refuse. He achieves his luck after saving Ashokan from danger.

Jayakrishnan thus becomes the bodyguard of Ashokan’s only daughter Ammu (Nayantara). Jayakrishnan follows Ammu to her college as her bodyguard. Ammu and her friend Sethulakshmi (Mithra Kurian) gets irritated with him following them all day.

Body Guard is one of the better films I have seen in the recent years.Its  kind of a movie that is expected from a director like Sidique who is renowned for making movies with a great sense of humour.The movie has an unusual yet refreshing screenplay which caters to the need of some comic relief.But that doesn’t mean the screenplay is not flawed,especially in the first half of the movie in which it is half baked.Dileep has donned his role remarkably well and it maybe one of the better roles he has done in the past decade. Surprisingly Nayanthara has done a good job and newcomer Mithra Kurien looks promising.

Rating-  [/5]

Pokkiri Raja

I dont want to strain my mind nor my fingers to write the plot of the Pokkiri Raja.But I will say some thing about a Prithviraj starrer film called Vellithira.In that movie style raj is a drifter who moves from place to place with a projector and shows the movie to public for a living.And that movie has been made by putting together scenes from different films of Rajnikanth.It seems like director of Pokkiri raja is yet another version of style raj (or maybe style raj 2.0).

Vyshakh Abraham’s pokkiri Raja has bits and pieces of various telugu and tamil B grade masala.It doesnt doesn’t even comes in the genre of Tamilspired Masala films which are atleast entertaining[well atleast some of them…].Seems like this film likes to look upon itself as parody of masala films but it has failed miserably.It doesnt even come close to entertaining.But it still it remains a mystery as how this movie has got a 150+ days run.[maybe this shows the detiorating Quality of malayalam cinema!]and oh yeah,Mammooty and prithviraj stars in the movie along with shriya sharan.Blah!

Rating- [/5]


30 11 2010

In 1983, Sam “Ace” Rothstein (De Niro) exits a restaurant and gets into his car, which explodes when he turns it on. Sam then narrates the story, and flashes back to the beginning.BOOM!Yes,the movie starts with a bang and this isn’t the only bang involved especially because of the violence involved in the film!Thanks to Nicky Santoro[Joe Pesci],the ultimate badass in town who happens to be a childhood friend of Sam Rothstein now runs an A-list casino named Tangiers in Vegas.

Some mob bosses wanted Sam to be the casino boss so they could “skim” off the money that is flowing in through the casino.Sam does his job well and money starts flowing across the Las Vegas desert towards the gangsters.All was well until the hot-headed Nicholas “Nicky” Santoro makes an appearance at the “sin city”.I havent seen any other director of Scorsese’s class stereotyping his own characters in a movie.The only time I have seen Joe Pesci[as of now] is in Scorsese movies[with an exception of a comedy film],and every time he is the same bad ass gangster in all Scorsese movies and he helps in getting the movie into “most uses of the word fuck in the movies” list.

Sam Rothstein’s trouble starts when Nicky Santoro begins an organised gangster roll in the city.Whenever nicky gets in to trouble Rothstein’s name is also dragged into the news due to his long time association with Nicky.In the mean time Sam falls for a call girl,Ginger and makes her to marry him by showering her with expensive  jewelery,clothes and all other stuffs of the luxury kind.Finally Sam and ginger easily became the “happily married” couple in Vegas.But the happy times soon comes to an end when Sam realised that his wife still maintains contact with her Pimp boyfriend back in town.All hell breaks loose in their marriage life.The role Ginger McKenna played by Sharon Stone fetched her the Academy Award.And she deserves it because every time she is on-screen she defines the word “bitch”.The funny thing is Ace knows that Ginger is a bitch and he even admit it through his narration,but he just cant shut his world to Ginger because he is madly in love with her.So madly in love that he  buys millions worth of jewelry just for her and puts millions of dollars in cash in a bank under her name.Through out his narration,he says that he is doing all this because he trust his wife as though he has a doubt in his mind.De Niro effectively evokes sympathy for Sam, and Pesci and Stone does their best to evoke hatred!

Casino is full of Voice over narration of its lead characters.Just after the opening sequence the narrations start explaining how the mobsters skimmed money off the casino.The information is in very fine tuned detail that I found it very hard to comprehend how the system worked.Maybe that’s the point,Scorsese just wanted us to understand that gangsters looted money from the casino.Maybe he just wanted the audience to get the feel of how fast system works  and how complicated it is.Scorcese brings a lot of energy into the movie through the rich and well contained dialogues in the pacy screenplay.The 3 Hour running time just felt like a whiz as the movie was entertainment at its best.Robert De Niro once again proved that he belongs to the list of class actors.Joe Pesci still remains god to the real life gangster.No one is better than Pesci when it comes to Bad Ass gangster!

Casino,for me is one of the best works by Scorcese,it is on par with Taxi Driver and The Aviator.The movie has such ferocity and momentum which makes it one of the best American Crime movie made till date.To pay tribute towards the number of “fuck” and its derivatives used in the movie I must say that this a Fuckin great movie!

P.S-Many critics say that “Casino”  is the final chapter of his Gangster movies.But i don’t think so,”Gangs Of new York” is a gangster movie based in  19th century.Gangsters are always gangsters,Knives and guns are the only difference!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

19 11 2010

This is not the typical harry potter movie you expect.There is no quidditch,no hogwarts,no nothing.It has this darker tone which may not appeal to many younger audience who haven’t read the last book”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.But still this one is best movie that has come out of the movie series.


Movie begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their strenuous mission to track down and destroy the secret to Voldemort’s immortality and destruction–the Horcruxes. On their own, without the guidance of their professors or the protection of  Professor Dumbledore, the three must now rely on one another more than ever to meet their goal.


Yes,there is no hogwarts in the plot still we have many adrenaline filled duels,humour,romance and above all  fantastic magic to quench every muggle’s thirst for entertainment.From the time David Yates have taken over the harry potter franchise,there has been a change about how the mood is recreated from the source material.All other directors before him chose either substance of the source material or created a style.But none of them were able to capture the exact tone of the book.He has been improving this style of approach for the movies ever since the order of the phoenix.And the style reaches the peak at this movie.

The movie paces forward with a strange mix of fear,adventure,humour and romance.Fear comes from the fact that Voldemort now controls the ministry of magic and forces it to persecute the “muggle-borns” and “half bloods” with the help of his ever serving “Death Eaters”[Non HP fans,google].Adventure come from the part that Harry and his friends must escape from death eaters “deadly” clutches.And the best part is romance,a love triangle[as perceived by Ron Weasly] gives the audience quite a good laugh when the tension gets a bit tightening.

There are some really great sequences in the movie which can be counted among the best in the franchise.The “breaking into ministry of magic using poly juice potion” requires a special mention.Seems like director has misused the ability of Wizard’s ability of apparition rather unrealistically.Whenever harry and his friends apparate they end up in some scenical background which makes the audience feels like the world is about to be doomed or something[maybe that is because voldemort is gaining power].Thus cinematographer Eduardo Serra requires some appraise for wielding the camera to a near perfection and for helping Yates to recreate the tone of the film.

As i said earlier the movie might not appeal to the younger audience who havent read the book.There are 2 reasons

1.There are many said and unsaid references to previous characters and plot details.To appreciate the movie completely it is absolutely necessary that one must have read all the books in the series.[seeing all the movies alone is not enough]

2.Harry,Hermione and Ron has grown emotionally and sexually.


For non HP fans it is completely unsafe to watch the film[check the reason no:1 above].But it is a must see for HP fans because it is the elder wand of all HP films.


P.S-This movie is the reason Twilight sucks!

The Social Network

8 11 2010

The Social Network by David Fincher is  compelling drama about the events related to the founding of the social networking site “Facebook”.Jesse Eisenberg of the  “Zombie Land” plays the Mark Zuckerberg[founder of Facebook] and Justin Timberlake plays the role of Sean Parker[Founder Of Napster].

The script of the film needs some appreciation as the dialogues and real events[presumed to be real] are both witty and racy.The script packs in so much dialogue that it is impossible to keep track of  what a character has said, throughout the film.But the best thing is that it doesn’t confuse the audience in any way.The story is told in a very interesting narrative which are mixed of Zuckerberg’s trial and the real life events that lead to the trial.


David Fincher fans,don’t miss this one!

rating –   [4/5]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

7 11 2010

The Twilight “saga” continues and thankfully is much better than the monstrously bad The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.The movie continues on the lopsided love triangle including a human,a werewolf and the vampire.{sigh}


It will be better if you see my earlier review of New Moon to know this edition’s plot.Because nothing has changed much.The romantic dilemma of Bella Swan[Kristen Stewart] continues.She is having a real bad time  choosing her mate for a life[real bad when she has to choose b/w a werewolf[Taylor Lautner] and a blood sucking vampire[Robert Pattinson]!].When Bella’s emotional tantrums are running haywire in Forks,Victoria is assembling a team of newborns in Seattle to avenge her mate’s death.As i said earlier there is nothing much in the plot to set it apart from the earlier film.


This movie has not been a torture like its previous installment has been.It could’ve done a lot better if it cut short its horrendously long running time[nearly 2 hours].The most of the movie takes place when the love triangle trio has conversations between them discussing their love lives.The dialogues are mostly amateurish and boring.The scenes where Jacob tries to butter up Bella into marrying look cheesy to say the least. Acting hasn’t improved much.Edward still does a bad job of acting like a puppy with blood-red eyes.There is scene where Bella and Edward are in a bed with some heavy emotional undercurrents in the dialogues,Bella tries hard to get the movie an R rating but “eligible bachelor” vampire urges her to keep up the PG-13 relationship.{How lame for a 109 year old Vampire}.The director and the scriptwriter has tried their best to rake in the pleasure hormone[dopamine] in hormone driven teenage mind.There are some forced kiss scenes which are deplorable.

A rare scene where Jacob doesn't show his six-pack!

I liked a scene in the movie which has a tinge of self parody.Edward mocks at Jacob with a dialogue”doesn’t he own a shirt”.Movie makes a terrible mistake by not explaining much about what happened in the earlier installment.For those people who havent seen the earlier installments may find it hard to make any sense .{Twilight Series can never match up to Harry Potter}.Even then Screenplay is better and direction is better but still acting is lame.


Twilight fans can safely watch the film.But others stay away if you have any other better movie options.

Rating-  [2/5]


6 11 2010

Finally a Malayalam movie worth Rs 40[maybe even more than that].Director Arun Kumar has struck gold right in his début venture!


Ravi Abraham[Anoop Mneon] is a successful architect in a metro.He is not only successful in his career but also in his personal life with a caring wife[Samvrutha Sunil] and a sweet little daughter.Their normal life takes a quick and tragic turn when a stranger[Jayasuriya] takes control of their lives by threatening to kill his daughter when the couple are kidnapped.Kidnapper has got more plans in his mind as he puts forward some daunting tasks before them which could jeopardise their whole life.


Breaking away from the conventional movie formula, of starting the movie with some comedy gimmickry,Cocktail is truly giving Malayalam movie a bit more space to evolve.The usual ingredients of comedians are absent which is quite a relief.The movie has a really engaging script which hooks us right into the plot, right when the movie begins to roll.[Please read the full review,I have something else to say!:D]Being a suspense thriller the script has the usual decoy villains to divert the audience’s inquisitivenesss.[not a plot spoiler].Dialogues by Anoop Menon needs much-needed applause,as it is crisper and doesn’t have the usual melodrama associated with Malayalam films nowadays.

The plot provides space for only 3 main characters,hence the acting capabilities of the actors are subjected to a great deal of scrutiny.And the success of the film lies there,as all three of them has passed the test quite well.Anoop menon looks confident in his role as a frightened and vulnerable father/husband.Samvrutha Sunil may have bagged the role of her career.But i still think some one with more experience would’ve pulled of the role much more effectively as Samvrutha doesn’t have the mature kind of face one is expected for this kind of role.But still she has done her job.The best thing about the movie is Jayasuriya who has brought in the movie a darker kind of feel with a lot of intense acting.

Dir ArunKumar has done a pretty decent work not only with Direction and treatment of the film but also with the editing[Seems like he used to be an editor before this project].Cinematographer Pradeep Nair has done a great job as most of the scenes are inside a car and it may have been a technical nightmare to wield the camera in such a closed space[I think!].Background score by Ratheesh Vega has been a revelation,But in some scenes it is too loud that dialogues were not clearly audible.

butterfly on a wheel

Now this Review might sound like at least a 4 1/2 star rating but alas i cannot give that much due to small snag i mentioned right at the start of my review.It is said the this movie is a frame by frame copy of a Canadian thriller starring Pierce Brosnan named “Butterfly on a Wheel“.[at least that is what i heard.Havent seen the movie so cant comment much].Hence Story,screenplay and maybe even direction credits does not necessarily get entitled to the crew of this film.But even then as an average viewer who has not watched the original I was impressed by the whole thing.


Watch It!A better Malayalam movie after quite a lot of time.

Rating- [3/5]


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