Review style!

My Reviews are Relative!

For example If  I say Snatch is a Great Movie,please don’t misunderstand that I am including it in the classics list.It just means that it has achieved what it was set forth for and that is entertainment.

My review might also reflect my expectations about a film.If a great director like Martin scorsese makes an average movie i might most probably pan the film out right. Because an average movie is not what i am expecting from an accomplished director like him.

4 responses

26 05 2010

ok…. so u say JITES givs u what it promises??? no way dude…..

26 05 2010

sorry i spelled wrong.. i said abt Kites

12 10 2012

Hi Krishna..
Nice to see this side of your personality. I read the review of Harry potter movie and ‘ to kill a mocking bird’
First one because I had seen the movie and the later, I have read the novel..
I don’t analyze movies much, but yes, you know stuff..
Keep writing..

12 10 2012
Movie Junkyard

Thank you Sir! 🙂

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