The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

7 11 2010

The Twilight “saga” continues and thankfully is much better than the monstrously bad The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.The movie continues on the lopsided love triangle including a human,a werewolf and the vampire.{sigh}


It will be better if you see my earlier review of New Moon to know this edition’s plot.Because nothing has changed much.The romantic dilemma of Bella Swan[Kristen Stewart] continues.She is having a real bad time  choosing her mate for a life[real bad when she has to choose b/w a werewolf[Taylor Lautner] and a blood sucking vampire[Robert Pattinson]!].When Bella’s emotional tantrums are running haywire in Forks,Victoria is assembling a team of newborns in Seattle to avenge her mate’s death.As i said earlier there is nothing much in the plot to set it apart from the earlier film.


This movie has not been a torture like its previous installment has been.It could’ve done a lot better if it cut short its horrendously long running time[nearly 2 hours].The most of the movie takes place when the love triangle trio has conversations between them discussing their love lives.The dialogues are mostly amateurish and boring.The scenes where Jacob tries to butter up Bella into marrying look cheesy to say the least. Acting hasn’t improved much.Edward still does a bad job of acting like a puppy with blood-red eyes.There is scene where Bella and Edward are in a bed with some heavy emotional undercurrents in the dialogues,Bella tries hard to get the movie an R rating but “eligible bachelor” vampire urges her to keep up the PG-13 relationship.{How lame for a 109 year old Vampire}.The director and the scriptwriter has tried their best to rake in the pleasure hormone[dopamine] in hormone driven teenage mind.There are some forced kiss scenes which are deplorable.

A rare scene where Jacob doesn't show his six-pack!

I liked a scene in the movie which has a tinge of self parody.Edward mocks at Jacob with a dialogue”doesn’t he own a shirt”.Movie makes a terrible mistake by not explaining much about what happened in the earlier installment.For those people who havent seen the earlier installments may find it hard to make any sense .{Twilight Series can never match up to Harry Potter}.Even then Screenplay is better and direction is better but still acting is lame.


Twilight fans can safely watch the film.But others stay away if you have any other better movie options.

Rating-  [2/5]

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