6 11 2010

Finally a Malayalam movie worth Rs 40[maybe even more than that].Director Arun Kumar has struck gold right in his début venture!


Ravi Abraham[Anoop Mneon] is a successful architect in a metro.He is not only successful in his career but also in his personal life with a caring wife[Samvrutha Sunil] and a sweet little daughter.Their normal life takes a quick and tragic turn when a stranger[Jayasuriya] takes control of their lives by threatening to kill his daughter when the couple are kidnapped.Kidnapper has got more plans in his mind as he puts forward some daunting tasks before them which could jeopardise their whole life.


Breaking away from the conventional movie formula, of starting the movie with some comedy gimmickry,Cocktail is truly giving Malayalam movie a bit more space to evolve.The usual ingredients of comedians are absent which is quite a relief.The movie has a really engaging script which hooks us right into the plot, right when the movie begins to roll.[Please read the full review,I have something else to say!:D]Being a suspense thriller the script has the usual decoy villains to divert the audience’s inquisitivenesss.[not a plot spoiler].Dialogues by Anoop Menon needs much-needed applause,as it is crisper and doesn’t have the usual melodrama associated with Malayalam films nowadays.

The plot provides space for only 3 main characters,hence the acting capabilities of the actors are subjected to a great deal of scrutiny.And the success of the film lies there,as all three of them has passed the test quite well.Anoop menon looks confident in his role as a frightened and vulnerable father/husband.Samvrutha Sunil may have bagged the role of her career.But i still think some one with more experience would’ve pulled of the role much more effectively as Samvrutha doesn’t have the mature kind of face one is expected for this kind of role.But still she has done her job.The best thing about the movie is Jayasuriya who has brought in the movie a darker kind of feel with a lot of intense acting.

Dir ArunKumar has done a pretty decent work not only with Direction and treatment of the film but also with the editing[Seems like he used to be an editor before this project].Cinematographer Pradeep Nair has done a great job as most of the scenes are inside a car and it may have been a technical nightmare to wield the camera in such a closed space[I think!].Background score by Ratheesh Vega has been a revelation,But in some scenes it is too loud that dialogues were not clearly audible.

butterfly on a wheel

Now this Review might sound like at least a 4 1/2 star rating but alas i cannot give that much due to small snag i mentioned right at the start of my review.It is said the this movie is a frame by frame copy of a Canadian thriller starring Pierce Brosnan named “Butterfly on a Wheel“.[at least that is what i heard.Havent seen the movie so cant comment much].Hence Story,screenplay and maybe even direction credits does not necessarily get entitled to the crew of this film.But even then as an average viewer who has not watched the original I was impressed by the whole thing.


Watch It!A better Malayalam movie after quite a lot of time.

Rating- [3/5]


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