The Social Network

8 11 2010

The Social Network by David Fincher is  compelling drama about the events related to the founding of the social networking site “Facebook”.Jesse Eisenberg of the  “Zombie Land” plays the Mark Zuckerberg[founder of Facebook] and Justin Timberlake plays the role of Sean Parker[Founder Of Napster].

The script of the film needs some appreciation as the dialogues and real events[presumed to be real] are both witty and racy.The script packs in so much dialogue that it is impossible to keep track of  what a character has said, throughout the film.But the best thing is that it doesn’t confuse the audience in any way.The story is told in a very interesting narrative which are mixed of Zuckerberg’s trial and the real life events that lead to the trial.


David Fincher fans,don’t miss this one!

rating –   [4/5]

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