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27 07 2011

Tarantino movies are always about criminal acts gone wrong. In most of his movies,his characters always seem to plot some really ingenious plan,which topple like dominos when some minor flaw gets exposed and this failure of plans and the subsequent commotion is what drives Tarantino’s plot forward. Inglourious Basterds also follows the same technique so does Pulp fiction and Reservoir dogs. But neither Pulp Fiction nor Reservoir dogs has impressed me and consider both overrated. In short I never really was a fan of Tarantino works,But this movie is definitely an eye opener!

The Basement Bar Scene

The Movie opens with a Jewish girl,Shosanna who escapes from the slaughter of her family by the SS Colonel Hans Landa,who is better known by his nick name, The Jew Hunter. A few years later, in German-occupied Paris, Shosanna  has the opportunity to burn down the Film theater where the Nazi propaganda film’s première is held. The real catch of the situation is that the première is attended by the Nazi élite which includes the Führer .  Shosanna’s avenge plot is only one of the three threads that are crisscrossed  in this movie.  While the girl fine tunes her plan to perfection, Lt. Aldo Raine [Brad Pitt],puts together a special Jewish-American force who are trained trained solely for one business and that is the Nah-tzee  killing business. The all-Jewish killing squad includes Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth), aka “the Bear Jew”, who beats Nazis to pulp with his baseball bat, Hugo Stiglitz (Til Schweiger), a former soldier in the German army, who holds an impressive record in killing German officers, and other six American Jews who are in this “booming business”. The third thread in the plot includes Winston Churchill conspiring to join the The Basterds in their mission by sending a commando who in his civilian life works as a movie critic with his specialty being German cinema!With a German actress-turned-Allied-spy (Diane Kruger) on their side, the British devises this “ingenious” Operation Kino, which is aimed at wiping out the SS high command. And when this plan is set into motion,the acts gets wrong completely and rest you can watch it in the screen.

Melanie Laurent - Shosanna

The ensemble cast which mainly consisting of American and German actors are one of the main highlights of the movie. And the highlight among the highlights is the Austrian born Christoph Waltz.The extent of success of this actor can be known from writer’s own words,as Tarantino has once said he feared that he wrote a part that was unplayable! Col. Hans Landa‘s[Christoph Waltz as the The Jew Hunter] character throws in a lot of “coin toss” scenes [No country for old men] which generates a lot of tension thanks to Brilliant portrayal by Waltz and superb writing from the maker himself. Every time Hans Landa enters the screen,the scene gets electrified and makes the audience uneasy. Mélanie Laurent does justice to her character by limiting herself into what her character demands,In short she doesn’t over do it. But in turn, both Brad Pitt and Eli Roth over do it,only because the larger than life characters demand it !Diane Kruger may have done the best role in her career with Bridget von Hammersmark.

The Coin toss scene in Inglourious Basterds

The movie is completely over the top when it comes to the plot,visualisation and the characters,actually no surprise there considering its a Tarantino film.The plot really is blown up,far from what history books says but still the movie is pure fun at its best!It seems that Quentin Tarantino made this movie to celebrate the phenomenon of cinema.Cinema acts like a silent but expressive character through out the movie.Brad Pitt’s mannerism closely resemble to the legendary Marlon Brando. We see Hitler laughing like he was nuts[Should I really use the word “like”?] when he sees Allied soldiers being killed by a German soldier and how Hitler sees cinema as an important medium. We also see how Nazis viewed cinema seriously and usage of it to spread Nazi ideologies and antisemitism. The character Lt. Archie Hicox, played by Michael Fassbender is actually a movie critic with exceptional knowledge in Nazi Cinema whose knowledge plays a crucial role in Operation Kin’s success. Then there is Bridget von Hammersmark,a German Actress who doubles up as a british spy,the femme fatale in this movie.There seems to a lot of other cinema references in this movie but it would be punitive to load up the entire page with it.But i would like to add one more and the best comes last.I still don’t know if Tarantino meant to do this but still…Perrier LaPadite,the French dairy farmer played by Denis Menochet has a striking resemblance to Stanley Kubrick!  But interestingly Hans Landa is the one who does the Kubrick stare.

Brad Pitt-Marlon Brando;Kubrick-Menochet

When Inglourious Basterds moves towards its end credits, a character says something like “I think this just might be my masterpiece”. As soon as I heard it,I suspected that Tarantino placed that dialogue with an ulterior motive.And when i checked Wikipedia,my suspicions were laid to rest when I learnt that he consider this movie or screenplay to be precise,to be the greatest work he has ever done.As a viewer I have to agree that this is his best work till date.For me it even qualifies to be termed as a modern-day classic!

P.S-The movie’s title is a tricky one.Every time I type the movie’s name,the spelling and grammar thing on my blog platform corrects me!Even though Tarantino refuses to explain why he made this “supposed” typo,the rumor going around the internet is that it was used to distinguish itself from the Italian war movie “Inglorious Bastards”.


18 07 2010

Inception is an instant classic!Just see the movie and you will figure out why.The movie easily works it way to become listed among the greatest Sci Fi movies including 2001:A Space Odyssey,Blade Runner,Matrix etc.Christopher Nolan is well-known for his ability to analyse human minds and its emotions through the characters of his movies like Memento and Insomnia.But in this movie he took one step further.He manipulates the audience mind such that our minds are totally gripped into what Nolan wants us to see in his film.This film is such a revolutionary one that a new genre should be defined,A Surrealistic Thriller.


Corporate spy-for-hire Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) steals ideas in dreams, but then he’s hired by a Mr Filthy Rich AkA Saito to achieve the impossible: “Inception” – planting an idea in the mind of a target.Saito makes him an offer Dom can’t refuse. If he succeeds, he can see his estranged children. If he fails, he’ll be trapped forever.

This is the simplest plot i can ever offer you.Because the domineering screenplay written by Nolan is so complex in his narrative that it will be impossible to narrate perfectly by an average viewer.


Even though Inception boasts of hulky screenplay it seldom confuses its audience.It is said that Nolan took 10 years to write and polish his dream script.In the span of 10 years he made films which had not only garnered rave reviews but also the strong studio support to make a film of mammoth proportions.Nolan’s scripts works its way forward through many layers[much like the dreams in Inception] which are weaved in such a way that it is stable when it is cast into a film.The main component of the story is Inception-that is to plant an idea into a subject such a way that it should see self invented by the subject’s sub conscious.As Cobb explains such an idea is highly Resilient and it infects the mind in its conscious level.This is some serious psychology which is well explained to the audience without a hitch and there lies its success.We have seen many films which have failed to captivate movie goers by lack of proper visualisation of complex screenplay.While watching most thriller films audience’s mind wander sub consciously to find some plot holes but Nolan’s writing doesn’t allow us to do so,this make it very gripping in the conventional movie sense.

In Inception Nolan doesn’t make the mistake of making his movie into a packaged”SciFi Action Movie”.He uses the emotional background of his lead as the driving force of the film.Wikipedia says DiCaprio was Nolan’s first cast in his dream project and DiCaprio justifies his decision through his meticulous acting.DiCaprio is known for his ability to carry the whole movie on his shoulders and he does the same in Inception.Seems like Leonardo Dicaprio likes to play films which takes place mostly in his mind.[Two back 2 back films shutter island and inception!].Casting of the characters was apt ans all the actors prove they are worth to act in such a great film!

This is a time of the year when 3-D fever is infecting directors.As the movie takes place mostly in character’s sub conscious as dreams,the creative side of the director has the right to run wild which may prompt him to make yet another CGI 3-D.Thankfuly Nolan doesn’t fall for the 3-d gimmicks and cast a wonder spell through his visual imagery.Cinematography was best in parts as some scenes including the ones in his workshop-like place was twitchy.But the scenes in Climax was thankfully great which catered into the needs of slick visualisation.This film may have one of the longest climatic sequences in the movie history!

This Movie is such a masterpiece that it may require repeated viewings to get the complete grasp of the story and its settings.After watching the movie I felt that same feeling that occurred to me after watching Kubrick’s Shining,it gets better after each viewing.Inception works effectively as its brainy,emotionally heart wrenching and helluva entertaining!


Do I have to say anything more?!Watch it!


Movie Poster[1]-A Clockwork Orange

2 04 2010
a clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange

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